Beauty instrument, do you really understand?

This massage instrument should be the most popular one. It is a product loved by all stars. Refa generates the same micro current as human bioelectricity through photoelectric version and ceramic wheel, and fully transmits the micro current to skin cells through germanium and platinum, so as to restore the metabolic function of skin cells and stimulate the increase of skin collagen. In this way, even if refa is used for a short period of more than ten minutes, you can see that the skin has a significant improvement effect. After continuous use for a week or two, you can see the significant effect of reducing face and weight, making the skin bright and elastic and reducing wrinkles.

Through pure physical facial exercise, you can achieve the effects of raising the corners of your mouth, slimming your face, lifting and tightening, removing legal lines and shaping the perfect facial contour. At the same time, you can exercise Apple muscles, improve the size of your face, and be safe without side effects and rebound! Japanese actress has one hand. It has three weights that can adjust strength and achieve the effect of gradual exercise.

The method used is to open the mouth into an O-shape, hold the middle mouth, and swing the head up and down, so as to drive the balance weights at both ends to swing up and down. Stick to it twice a day for more than 30 seconds. Believe in persistence, you can also have great skin like a goddess

Beauty instrument is a beauty instrument that our goddess Lin Xinru also likes to use. It has six functions, including EMS, electroporation, electric wave skin pulling, electric massage, high frequency wave and photon rejuvenation. It is really powerful and can accelerate skin metabolism, anti wrinkle and tighten skin. Equipped with two-color LED photon rejuvenation head. Red light can promote the regeneration of skin collagen, so as to improve skin wrinkles, relaxation and other problems. Blue light can inhibit the activity of reactive oxygen species, the culprit of acne, improve the skin quality of acne, and inhibit the generated acne. Green light can improve skin pigmentation and brighten skin.

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