Can I use the muscle stimulator machine every day?

You can use it every day, but it is better to use it every two days. In addition, you must insist on using it for better effect!

Electrical muscle stimulator belongs to the face lift and the essence introduction, wrinkle, multi-functional one, very small, but definitely better than the public products! Buy it and use it with your mother for ~ three minutes at a time. Do it for three minutes on one side of your face. It is automatically timed. It turns off automatically in three minutes. Here comes the big play!! Once you do it, you will have an obvious effect. You can do one side of the face first, and then compare it with the other side. The face is really crooked!! Collocation with any essence water can also be used when the mask is applied, and when it is used with the essence, it will be better and pour more into it, purely personal experience.

It’s good to use it every other day or two. The more you stick to it, the more beautiful it is. You can use it for 3 hours and 3 minutes after charging for 5 hours at a time. You can use it many times. The face slimming instrument is multi gear adjustable. Pressing once after startup is a yellow light; Press twice to change to the second gear of orange light; Press three times to stop the red light; Power off is long press for three seconds. It can be adjusted according to my own use feeling. I usually use the second gear, which feels just right~~

Is facebump a big side effect

This electric muscle stimulator has no side effects, but it has some small shortcomings. Let’s talk about it

Because he was planted grass in the group, he hurriedly tried facebump without doing his homework. It has three functions: micro current, superconductivity and red light. Personally, it is more like a simplified version of arrivo. The optional RF is removed (supplemented by stop and newa), and the most meaningful micro current and electroporation are retained. Of course, it is the same as arrivo. Why do you still love miss when you have the instruments of newa and stop? As mentioned before, micro current and electroporation are the most desirable functions. The micro current acting on muscle and electroporation transmitting cosmetic components to skin epidermis and dermis are a good supplement to the radiofrequency instrument newa / stop acting on dermis.

The micro current of facebump is a special one among the micro current instruments I have used. The sense of use is different from the crisp sense of leakage of other instruments. The function seems to go deeper into the muscles. The face will twitch involuntarily with a little tingling. After finishing, the face feels tight and stiff. Miss, I drive the highest gear 4, my face doesn’t change, my heart doesn’t jump, but I surrender when I drive the highest gear 2.

What we are interested in is that facebump advertises that it can be used without media, which is not realistic: first, it is difficult to push on the face without media, and second, it has the effect of electroporation. Through high-intensity bipolar electric field, it can instantly open the gap between cells, improve permeability, and introduce active ingredients into the deep layer of skin. If media is not used, This function is wasted. In addition, I don’t need to emphasize it. There is no addition to the collocation. Unwilling to use PE, at least aloe gel and hyaluronic acid.

Facebump also has the advantage of lightness. It can be used for a long time after charging. The charging port adopts micro USB (that is, the charging port of common Android) which can be used with mobile phones. Let the instrument control have no pressure to take it with you every time you go on business or travel.

Some small shortcomings are also difficult to avoid:

-Slightly painful when used

-The silicone plug used for the charging port is easy to age and break (don’t ask me what equipment I learned from)

-There is only one USB charging cable. The manual does not seem to indicate (or I may be blind) the input voltage and current to be used for charging. I’m always afraid that the battery will be damaged if it is not used properly

-USB type-C interface is the general trend. After the mobile phone is gradually changed to type-C, the cables can’t be used with each other (although girls and apple party may really don’t know what I’m talking about)

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