Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Can laser acne removing printing be completely removed? Can pixel laser acne removal print be completely removed?

The effect of laser to remove acne marks is relatively good. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital for treatment. After laser treatment, we should pay attention to sunscreen, keep a happy mood, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We should also take appropriate exercise at ordinary times. We should pay attention to diet, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, and eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamins. Usually pay attention to keep the skin clean, do not use cosmetics with hormones for a long time, maintain good living habits, do not stay up late, and keep enough sleep, which is conducive to faster recovery after operation.

The process of removing acne marks by laser is to irradiate with high-intensity dye laser with specific wavelength, which can quickly destroy acne propionate, effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction and eliminate its stimulation and destruction to the tissue. At the same time, the dilated capillaries shrink rapidly, and the inflammation of congestion and redness subsides rapidly, blocking the further destruction of acne to the tissue, At the same time, promote the early recovery of acne wounds and avoid irreversible pits and acne scars in the future.

Can pixel laser acne removal print be completely removed?

At present, if you choose pixel laser to remove acne marks, it is still relatively effective, but whether you can completely remove acne marks also has a lot to do with you. Postoperative care is also very important. You must pay attention to rest.

Once the acne mark is formed, it cannot be completely removed. Acne marks and pits can be treated with dot matrix laser or photon rejuvenation. Generally, it takes more than three to six times of treatment to achieve an ideal effect. During the treatment of acne pits and acne marks, different treatment methods should be selected according to different pathological conditions. The effect of dot matrix laser is better for heavier acne marks; Photon rejuvenation is effective for some superficial or slight acne marks; If it is due to the expansion of capillaries, you can also choose dye laser. For some acne marks with heavy pigmentation, chemical stripping can be combined.