EMS electrical muscle stimulation is your secret weapon against age

Although running to the beauty salon and getting a needle is the fastest way to slim the face, this girl really can’t accept it. Because the pain point is too low, she doesn’t want to have close contact with any needle tube, so she simply gave up! Recently, I discussed many advanced beauty lessons with my colleagues and found that skin care combined with black technology beauty instrument is the positive solution, so I planted this EMS electrical muscle stimulation.

Now I’ll give you some actual measurements about the efficacy of this roller instrument and all my tips in the process of using it. I’ll explore the way for you in advance and prevent fairies from stepping on thunder.

Ready to unpack

I was satisfied with its appearance before I started. The small and exquisite design pried open my heart at the first glance. But when I started to dismantle the express, I was still a little nervous. I was afraid that it was different from my imagination, or the overall feeling in my hand was not perfect.

However, weighing the express box, the weight was sufficient, dispelling a sense of doubt in my heart. The outer package in grass green color is simple and fresh. There is a small envelope in the same color in the box, which contains instructions, warranty card and USB charging interface. Below the envelope is our protagonist roller beauty instrument. In a word, there is a sense of delicacy inside and outside, and grass green is also one of the small fresh colors that this fairy likes.

The handle of EMS electrical muscle stimulation is matte pure white, which is very in line with the fairy’s human design. It feels slightly frosted when held in the hand. The two rollers are gold, which is also related to its 24K gold material. It feels a little cold. It is flexible, smooth and full of texture by moving it twice with your fingers.

In terms of appearance, it belongs to the category of small and simple, and the weight is also within a reasonable range. When you take it on a business trip, you can put it in your bag without occupying land.

Its overall board is simple and easy to understand. Three indicator lights are used as the standard for ongoing beauty relief, namely relief, lifting and introduction. Below the indicator light is a gear key, which is used to adjust the force of the mode.

At the bottom is a square on / off switch, which is not only used to select the mode, but also used to cut off the power supply. As a person who has always been confused about electronic products, it took me three minutes to understand its concept. It’s not complicated at all ~ but how to operate these small buttons will be answered in detail below.

In addition, there is an embedded silicone soft plug at the lower end of the instrument. After opening, the charging interface appears. The fitting degree of the soft plug is very close. It has a rhythm integrated with the body. It is used for waterproof and dustproof, and the effect is very praise.

  1. First use

As a curious girl, after unpacking the box, she couldn’t wait to run to the bathroom. After cleaning her face, she ushered in her first intimate contact with the roller instrument. After clicking the on key, there is no substantial change in the instrument, and the import mode is displayed on the indicator. Press the open key again to jump to the lifting mode, press the switch for the third time to change to the soothing mode, and press it again to turn it off. The design of one click opening and transformation is more humanized, and the operation is not difficult.

When the small golden roller touches the skin, the numb vibration will hit. Therefore, even if you click the switch and do not touch the skin, the beauty instrument will not be officially started.

In addition, you can adjust the gear according to the affordability of your skin. The three modes can switch three gears with different strength respectively, and the indicator light will also change according to the strength, from light to heavy, blue – Green – red in turn. As a new anti – aging fairy, the most widely used is the blue gear, which is even and light.

After cleansing, I will use the introduction mode to help absorb the water emulsion. As expected, it has a better effect than the usual manual operation. The permeability of the water emulsion has been completely improved to a higher level. The feeling of lifting mode on the skin is slightly stronger, accompanied by a weak current, but it is completely within the scope of their own acceptance, and there is no feeling of discomfort.

Personally, I think the soothing mode is more suitable for edema prone skin. It has a light and compact vibration, is very rhythmic, and will not cause too much stimulation to the skin. The tired look after fatigue and the edema after staying up late. Using this relief mode can get a good relaxation and relief. Slight electric flu and moderate massage strength of roller can instantly save the face of staying up late. Wet the tissue and test it back and forth in the soothing mode. The fragile tissue that is about to fall apart has not been damaged. It can be seen that it brings the same gentle care to the skin.

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