How long can laser remove fat particles and make-up?

Fat granule removal surgery can take about 7-15 days to make up, which varies from person to person according to their own recovery. Because this postoperative recovery takes about a week, and premature makeup before recovery may affect the effect after surgical recovery, and cosmetics contain a lot of chemicals, which will cause skin burden. After the fat particles are removed by laser, the skin care shall be done as much as possible to avoid the problem of inflammation and infection of local skin. It is suggested that those seeking beauty should do a good job in moisturizing the skin as much as possible, and should also do a good job in sunscreen and oil control. If the skin is too greasy, the fat particles will appear again. Don’t eat too much greasy food and avoid using too greasy skin care products. Remind many beauty lovers to eat more high protein food in their daily life, avoid irritating food, don’t smoke and drink, have more rest, stay up late less and do less strenuous exercise.

If people choose to use laser to remove fat particles in daily life, it generally has a very good removal effect. Generally speaking, people can go to make-up after completing this project in about a week, and then go to make-up after their facial wounds are completely healed. It is not recommended that people make up too early.

How long can laser remove fat particles and wash your face?

Laser removal of fat particles can usually wash your face from 5 days to 8 o’clock, which should be determined according to the patient’s physique and skin recovery. If the physique is better and the post-operative care is more appropriate, the scab part of fat particles may be completely removed in about 5 days, so you can wash your face properly. If your body is weak and your metabolism is slow, the time of washing your face may be postponed to about 8 days. After the operation, the diet should be light, and you can’t eat stimulating food.

Fat particles are removed by laser. Under normal circumstances, it takes more than 30 days to return to normal. The specific situation varies from person to person. Laser removal of fat particles generally can not be stained with water to avoid infection. Wash your face with water only after the scab falls off naturally. It is recommended to pay attention to local cleanliness, disinfection and oral antibiotics. Please follow the doctor’s advice for specific precautions.