How long can laser shrinkage surgery last? How about the effect after laser shrinkage surgery?

Laser vaginal reduction surgery can last for about 5 years. However, the specific maintenance time needs to be determined according to their own maintenance degree and their own physique.

The damage of laser shrinkage surgery is particularly small, and the postoperative recovery will be relatively fast, but this kind of surgery can not achieve long-term results. Generally, with the continuous growth of time, the collagen and some water in the body will be lost rapidly, which will make the local symptoms of relaxation appear again. But after one treatment, it can basically last for about 5 years. If you usually do more maintenance work on the vaginal part, it may make the effect of vaginal contraction surgery more long-term. Moreover, the maintenance effect is different for different physique. If their physique has blood circulation and the speed is relatively fast, it may also make the maintenance effect of laser Yin reduction surgery for a long time.

Laser Yin reduction is a kind of operation method with good effect and less injury at present. But after the operation, we should eat more fresh fruits and green vegetables, which can promote the rapid recovery of the part.