Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

How long does it take for laser to remove fat particles?

Now it’s only three days after laser treatment, and the days are relatively light, so there’s no need to worry. Generally, after seven or eight days, local skin will scab. After scab, it should be allowed to fall off naturally, and it can’t be torn off to prevent scars. The skin should be protected from the sun, and it doesn’t need to use a little melanin.

The removal of fat particles by laser can touch water in about one week to two weeks, which also needs to be determined according to their own recovery status. If you recover well, you can touch the water in about a week. If your recovery is not particularly good, it may take about two weeks to touch the water. If you touch the water too early, it may cause damage to the local area, and there may be pain and discomfort.

Is it good to use laser as an effective method to remove fat particles?

Generally, the effect of removing fat particles with laser is good. The appearance of fat particles on the skin is generally caused by the use of cosmetics with high nutrition for a long time. The fat particles in the skin will be decomposed by laser, which can be excluded from the body through body metabolism to achieve the effect of removing fat particles. After completing the laser, take good care of the skin and do not wash it with water for a short time.

The effect of removing fat particles by laser is positive. Fat particles are mainly caused by the accumulation of fat under the skin. They often occur in areas with dense distribution of sebaceous glands, such as chest and back, and may also appear in eyelids. Generally, it has no effect on the body and no clinical symptoms. If you feel that it affects the beauty, you can choose laser to remove it. The wound after laser can be treated with topical antibiotic ointment, such as fuxidian acid ointment, to control inflammation and prevent infection. Usually pay attention to eat less spicy and greasy food.

In the treatment, the more commonly used is the laser treatment of fat particles. This laser fat particle removal treatment method can effectively solve a variety of skin symptoms without worrying about skin damage. The laser treatment adopts the “safety flat cap” technology, which changes the “point to face” laser emission mode to the “face to face” emission mode. The spot energy density is uniform and consistent, which is not easy to cause skin bleeding. No side effect, no pain: the operation does not need anesthesia, the pain is light, and there is no side effect and sequelae. Short time, quick effect and little impact on work and life.