Is gold RF micro needle safe

The gold RF micro needle is equipped with an automatic negative pressure sensing device of the needle. Only when the skin and the needle fit completely, the needle will send out energy, which greatly avoids the accidental injury to the surrounding skin when the needle emits energy, and the safety has been greatly improved. The radio frequency energy of gold radio frequency microneedle is relatively stable and the accuracy is relatively high. It can realize adjustable energy and adjustable depth. In the skin depth of 0.5mm-3.5mm, it can be freely adjusted to adapt to the skin thickness of each treatment part, and the treatment accuracy is higher.

Is gold RF microneedle safe? Gold RF microneedle effect

Gold RF microneedle effect

Gold RF microneedle is an advanced medical and cosmetic technology in the world. It combines the comprehensive improvement of micro needle skin rejuvenation, dot matrix pixel laser, RF and other technologies. Through the unique microneedles coated with gold, RF and laser technologies are used to accurately act on target tissues at different depths for heating. According to the self-healing function of the body, the collagen in the dermis can be rapidly regenerated and reorganized under the stimulation of RF energy. From the root of skin problems, it can effectively solve a variety of skin problems, such as acne marks, acne scars, dullness, sagging skin and so on.

Is gold RF microneedle safe? Gold RF microneedle effect

Gold RF microneedle FAQ

  1. Does the gold RF micro needle hurt?

During the treatment, there will be slight pain, but it’s OK, which is within the tolerance of ordinary women. After the treatment, there will be a little redness, but there will be no blood spots, scabs and any scars. In a real sense, it has achieved the minimally invasive effect.

  1. How long is the treatment?

The time of gold radiofrequency microneedle treatment is only about 30 minutes, with short time and high efficiency. The nutrients delivered to the root of the problem through microneedles can also promote the subsequent repair, produce a large number of cell repair factors, and brighten the skin color.

  1. How long does it take to recover after treatment?

Because the gold RF micro needle is treated in the form of minimally invasive, after the treatment, there will be no obvious trauma on the face, only a slight redness, and the recovery period is very short.

  1. Who is not suitable for this job?

Skin infection or skin disease (except acne), hemorrhagic disease, taking anticoagulant drugs, pregnancy, scar constitution, wearing pacemaker (heart rate device and other internal electronic equipment), vascular stent or metal implant, skin malignant tumor, etc. are not recommended for treatment.

Is gold RF microneedle safe? Gold RF microneedle effect

Advantages of gold RF micro needle in removing marks

  1. Quickly break through the skin barrier

Dense microneedles create an absolutely standard and unified puncture channel in a short time, break through the facial epidermal barrier, accurately target the deep layer of the target, effectively stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, and realize the firmness and delicacy of the skin.

  1. Fully activate new energy of skin

RF energy can safely, accurately and evenly heat the collagen in the deep layer of dermis, promote collagen denaturation, reorganization and condensation, promote skin metabolism, activate new energy of skin and stabilize the young texture of skin.

  1. Open new skin password

Through the micro needle fixed-point puncture technology, it can accurately locate the location of skin problems, easily achieve transdermal direct administration to the inner layer of the skin, effectively remove heavy metals, clear skin free radicals, and realize the skin’s youthful state from the inside to the outside.

  1. It can solve a variety of skin problems

Gold RF micro needle can solve a variety of skin problems. It has good therapeutic effects in removing acne marks, acne pits, scars, stretch marks, facial wrinkles, neck lines, shrinking pores, tightening skin and so on.