Is the electric muscle stimulation instrument safe

This instrument has the same EMS function as Yamen. EMS explains to you that it is a micro current that can promote the movement of dermis. It was invented for the recovery of sports wounded. At first, it was as terrible as electric shock. However, the clerk told me that this product has passed the SGS certification (SGS certification is an international third-party testing and certification organization), so the current is very safe, The current power of facebump is 1 A, 1000 Ma = 1 A, dozens of times more than refa, so the face slimming effect is obvious. The current can safely help your facial muscles to improve your facial muscles and play the role of face slimming.

There are three files in muscle stimulator machine. You can choose the number of files according to your skin’s tolerance. At the same time, it is accompanied by red light. Red light can help skin increase elasticity. It doesn’t need to be repeated like yaman, fix it at once, and do not use dragging lines. Once charging can be used several times, and he does not need to mix with gel, and so on, directly use the essence or essence of facial mask or make-up water as conductor. To promote the absorption of these products, the machine itself is relatively light, so it is also very convenient to carry out. I tried it when I took it home. As evidenced by the photos, I made half of the face. Obviously, one side is big and the other side is small, and the price is very good. It’s not expensive for the instrument, but the effect is great.

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