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Maintenance measures after laser whitening and skin care

Everyone wants to have a white and tender face. Whitening is what every beauty lover pursues. Laser whitening has become the fastest skin whitening method selected by many women today. More and more beauty lovers have joined the lineup of laser whitening. So, what are the maintenance measures after laser whitening and skin care?

Maintenance measures after whitening and skin care

1、 Preoperative preparation for laser whitening:

  1. Do not make up before laser whitening, keep your face clean and prevent skin inflammation.
  2. The time and duration of laser whitening surgery are determined by the doctor according to your personal treatment scope and depth.
  3. Patients with coagulation disorders or scar constitution cannot accept this operation.
  4. Aspirin and other drugs should be avoided for a week before laser treatment.

2、 Postoperative nursing of laser whitening:

  1. There will be slight redness and heat in the treatment area of laser whitening technology. At this time, cold compress the treatment area for about 5 ~ 15 minutes as necessary to reduce the redness and heat and discomfort, which will subside within a few hours.
  2. 1 ~ 2 days after laser whitening treatment, please wash your face with neutral facial soap. Do not use scrub, exfoliating cream, and products containing fruit acid or a acid. Avoid shaving and depilation wax. Please strengthen wiping moisturizing and sunscreen products every day.
  3. Makeup removal and cleansing must be carried out separately, because only oily makeup remover can completely remove oily makeup and avoid indiscriminate use of cosmetics and drugs.
  4. Go to bed early and get up early, live a regular life and ensure full sleep. Keep the affected part clean. Try not to wear heavy make-up on the day after treatment.
  5. Do not over clean the skin. Because excessive cleaning will stimulate cells to secrete more oil and form a vicious circle.

The above is about the relevant introduction of “maintenance measures after whitening and skin care”. I believe everyone knows what the maintenance and care measures are after laser whitening. Remember to avoid direct sunlight after laser whitening, don’t stay up late and maintain a good law of life.