Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Technology beauty instruments, do not want to put them down!

It differs from man to man. It is a perfect match for all kinds of essence and moisturizing products. It can be customized according to the skin needs, and customized massage is applied to improve skin’s glossiness and promote circulation effect.

There are many choices of science and technology skin care tools. It is time-saving, labor-saving and super effective. Once you start, you really can’t stop. But how to use science and technology to wash your face? We often have some misconceptions that hand cleansing is very gentle and does not hurt the skin? But no, the cleansing time and strength are not easy to control! I’m afraid that if I’m not careful, my face hasn’t been cleaned and the skin barrier has been damaged!

Providing a gentle cleansing experience, cleaning becomes easy. The new eye care function can effectively promote the blood circulation around the eyes, alleviate eye bags, dark circles and fade crow’s feet. At the same time, it also doubles the EMS function. The upgraded version of EMS EMG stimulation mixes the low cycle of stimulating expression muscles with the medium cycle of stimulating deep muscles, so as to exercise expression muscles more effectively, stimulate collagen regeneration, reduce wrinkles and tighten facial lines.

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