What kind of harm does beauty instrument bring to girls?

Whenever and wherever possible, the muscle stimulator machine, which is able to enjoy high-end skin care experience at home and anywhere, can be created.

A high-frequency current can reach the dermis directly and make collagen cells reorder and regenerate. After the gap between collagen is filled, the skin will naturally be tight and elastic. At the same time, the high thermal energy generated can stimulate the dermis to generate new collagen fibers. In short, the greatest effect is to tighten the skin and weaken fine lines.

When you use it, you need to squeeze the gel into the metal head, then turn on the switch and circle the area you need to maintain. When your skin reaches the ideal temperature, the indicator light will turn green. When the maintenance of this part is completed, the machine will stop automatically, and then you can change to the next part.

The muscle stimulator machine has different gears to choose from. It’s best to do an allergy test on your hand when you use it for the first time, but it’s all right to use my sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry. The skin feels warm and comfortable when using. After use, the skin will obviously become bright and compact, which is really an immediate effect!

Adjust the gear according to your own needs. You can choose 1 for eyes and sensitive places. Try it on your arm to feel its strength and temperature. If you feel it, you can choose 2.

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