Wireless muscle stimulator is necessary for travel and home

RF energy goes deep into the subcutaneous fat layer to promote the discharge of fat in liquid form, eliminate stubborn fat, double chin, bye sleeves, abdominal fat, leg fat, etc., and effectively help shape the body line. At the same time, RF energy penetrates the dermis, which can help awaken collagen, so as to weaken stretch marks, obesity marks, growth marks and so on. In addition to busy life, pose allows you to keep a good figure without leaving home.

Radio frequency beauty instrument wireless muscle stimulator is a new product with technology condensation. RF double ring circular pole RF technology can effectively promote the growth of collagen and achieve the effect of lifting and tightening, slimming face and weakening fine lines. Developed for Asian skin and sensitive skin, sensitive skin will feel comfortable and warm. 6-minute lifting 6 °, fast and convenient, USB port charging, anytime, anywhere charging, wireless use, suitable for travel and home.

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